Nico Pommerening, Senior Software Architect | Visionary IT leader, driving innovation and growth through strategic technology mastery

Project Administration | Product Ownership | Technology Leadership


Nico Pommerening - CSM, CSPO

I am an impactful senior professional with extensive experience crafting long-term visions and strategic IT roadmaps to drive innovation and business growth. My career has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence demonstrated through my proven ability to oversee end-to-end ownership and accountability for incident management.
My in-depth industry knowledge has allowed me to align technology with business challenges and requirements to enhance performance and achieve organisational goals. Recognised for my forward-thinking approach, I have been a driving force in navigating challenges of structural changes across the organisation and ensuring continuity and stability in product development efforts.

As a certified and visionary leader, I excel in leveraging the latest technology per organisational requirements, architecting robust infrastructures, and heading cross-functional teams to deliver transformative results. My track record reflects my robust expertise in project administration, product ownership, and technology leadership.

A few of my career highlights include:

  • Led the development of the Print Preparation System from scratch, leveraging Kogito (open-source BPMN 2.0 technology) for an insurance platform product, resulting in a streamlined output process and savings of over $10K per month.
  • Orchestrated the integration of the Archiving Document Management System (D.velop) into Insure workplace product, aiding in meeting the requirements of large insurance projects and boosting operational efficiency by up to 75%.
  • Built and supervised a team of 30 individuals while spearheading the development of specialised product solutions for insurance companies across Europe, elevating productivity by up to 70%.

“Technology is best when it brings people together.” - Matt Mullenweg